A monthly storytelling event for women has resumed for the year at Coal Creek Tap.

Tales at the Taphouse is scheduled to take place at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at 108 Grand Ave. and continue the last Tuesday of each month. The February theme is “How We Met” and will feature four women sharing 10-minute personal stories as they interpret the theme however they like.

“There’s no wrong story — whatever the theme means, however you interpret it,” said event organizer Rose Curtis. “We’re looking for every story, any story. We just want to hear about people’s lives, what’s important to them and what they’ve been through.”

Curtis, a manager at Coal Creek Tap and Coal Creek Coffee, started Tales at the Taphouse in late 2018 as a way to add a new element to the tap room’s weekly ladies’ night. Instead of drink specials, she wanted something that would build community. Participation is open to anyone who identifies as female, trans or non-binary.

“There’s just something different about being in the same room listen to one person, live, tell a little piece about themselves,” she said.

Community members suggest monthly themes and volunteer ahead of time to prepare a story. After pre-selected speakers present, the evening opens to audience members who would also like to share.

“It’s a pretty special time,” Curtis said. “We hear about a lot of humorous, embarrassing moments, and we also hear about a lot of trauma that people have endured and healed from. There’s definitely no wrong story, and there’s no specific story that we’re looking for.”

In 2019, 55 speakers shared stories during 11 events. Curtis said she’s anticipating the event to continue gaining momentum this year, and she’s envisioning future projects such as a podcast and storytelling workshops.

“People are catching wind, and it’s the phenomenon of hearing such unique experiences from unique individuals, but also relating so much at the same time,” she said.

Tales at the Taphouse has developed partnerships with community agencies and businesses that connect with the monthly themes. Such partnerships last year included Laramie Burlesque, Albany County Safe Project, Laramie PrideFest, Wyoming Women’s Foundation and the University of Wyoming Outdoor Program.

Upcoming themes this spring include “Survivor Stories,” “Access” and “Women in STEM.” In partnership with Laramie PrideFest, June’s storytelling event is set to take place during Pride Week, June 22-28. The theme will be “Love and Queerness.”

Aspiring storytellers and those with theme suggestions can contact Curtis via email at coalcreekrose@gmail.com.

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