From school house to new fire station

A proposed Albany County fire station in Platte County was approved by the Albany County Commission during its meeting Tuesday.

Research helped determine the county could build such a facility outside its borders, Albany County Fire Warden Scott Davis said.

He said the facility could be built if the County Commission accepted the proposal and it did not interfere with grant funding for the project.

“It is a couple of miles in Platte County, which causes a little bit of a problem, and it is a little bit different,” Davis said.

“What it comes down to is, if the commissioners want to make a policy where we allow that.”

The fire station would be built near the center of Sybille Canyon and is next to Wyoming Highway 34, providing the Sybille Volunteer Fire Department with quick access to the area, he said.

“Sybille (Volunteer Fire Department volunteers) talked to a land owner up there who currently has the land where the Albany County Sybille School was,” Davis said. “The building was turned back over to the ranch many years ago, and they are offering it to the fire department.”

The fire station would provide volunteers a place to have meetings and trainings and storage for equipment during the winter to prevent problems freezing water could cause in the engines, he said.

“(The fire station) allows us to store our trucks inside, keep them in better shape, and this is going to be a heated building … and that allows for the 365 day-a-year response with the truck with water in it,” Davis said.

He said even though the fire department is planning to use the school house as the fire station, the county is expecting the project to cost more than $104,000 to build an area for fire engine storage and maintenance and other necessary facilities for the station.

“We have gone through a lot of gyrations over the years of who is going to donate land, where are we going to put the building, how are we going to build it,” Davis said. “Between State Loan and Investment Board money and the Sybille Auxiliary, we have about $143,000 available to build the building.”

Albany County Commissioner Heber Richardson said he thought having a county fire station in Sybille would assist both counties and take pressure off Platte County firefighters who often respond to fires in Albany County.

“I would guess that if there were fires on the Platte-Albany county line, Platte volunteer firefighters get there before we do,” Richardson said. “So, we probably owe it to them to alleviate some of that pressure when they are responding to fires in our county.”

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