Underwriters Laboratories celebrated the ribbon cutting on its newest building in Cirrus Sky Technology Park Wednesday evening with a large crowd of supporters.

The ribbon-cutting on its first building was three years ago, and already the international global independent safety science company has outgrown its space.

“It feels incredible,” said Randal Six, UL’s information technology director. “The ability for us to serve and better our mission within UL is a tremendous opportunity.”

The new building is a formerly vacant spec building next door to its current building in the technology park in north Laramie.

The spec building was built and owned by the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance in a partnership with the city. As UL made plans to expand into the spec building, the Laramie City Council voted earlier this spring to release the remaining funds needed to complete the construction on the interior of the building for the company’s expansion, and it now has two teams of employees working inside.

Weifang Zhou, president of UL Connected Technologies, said community support was one of the driving factors behind the decision to further expand here in town.

“I think very strong support from the local community, from the university – it’s unbeatable,” he said. “That makes us very confident that we should be here, and we should become a good part of the community.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony was jointly hosted with LCBA Wednesday evening, and saw community members, employees, families and even U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi in attendance.

In addition, UL employees from Laramie, Chicago, Singapore and all over the world came to Laramie for the celebration.

Six said much of the Laramie team started back in 2014 and it has only “continued to grow.”

“That’s because of the opportunities that we have within UL,” he added. “UL’s got a tremendous digital future in it, and this team is helping fulfill that. Without this campus, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Vice President of IT Greg Martis added “the culture here really lends itself to the expansion” and it will help UL further achieve its mission to be a “global center of excellence.”

The company was founded 125 years ago in Illinois, according to its website, and now has offices in over 45 countries. UL tests, inspects and certifies over 22 billion different products on a global scale with the goal to promote safe living and working environments, with a history in construction and fire protection, among other machines and areas.

“Here we have very strong people, we have very good technology,” Zhou said. “That will become the foundation of our company moving forward to grow our wings.”

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