Fairy tale princesses are an elusive bunch.

They can’t be invited over to color pictures, dance or sing with children during a special event, and they certainly can’t crown the birthday child as she blows out the candles.

But three teenage girls from Laramie decided to remedy that problem by creating Laramie Princess Parties.

Hazel Homer-Wambeam, 16, said she got the idea after her mom’s friend was looking for someone local to host a princess party, but couldn’t find anyone closer than Cheyenne.

With help from her sister, Ruby, and Elise Jones, a friend from dance and drama club, Hazel Homer-Wambeam decided to start her entrepreneurial career early.

“It’s a big investment and kind of a risk,” Hazel Homer-Wambeam said. “We spent a lot of money on all these costumes, and if we don’t book parties to use them, we’re out a lot.”

Many teenagers might have settled for mowing lawns, shoveling walks or working fast food, but she said creating the party business gave the three girls valuable experience for their post-college careers as well as a better understanding of how to manage money.

“I never really thought about going into business in college,” Hazel Homer-Wambeam said. “But after doing this, I personally feel like I have a good understanding of how to manage money and professionalism.”

Laramie Princess Parties offers clients the opportunity to hire performers for a themed event such as birthdays. The performers entertain children with song and dance, princess activities, hair braiding and myriad others. While princesses, like those in Disney movies, are the primary roles the performers play, Hazel Homer-Wambeam said they also have a male performer who dresses up like a pirate, musketeer or superhero.

Additionally, she said they have costumes for fairies, Little Red Riding Hood and other fairy-tale-themed characters.

“We don’t want to just show up to look pretty, so we bring arts and crafts and stuff like that,” Hazel Homer-Wambeam explained. “We’ll bring music and musical instruments to play with them as well as games. We want to make sure we make it a magical experience, not just a visit.”

Because the girls are homeschooled, Ruby Homer-Wambeam said they have flexible hours and time to construct a business plan.

“It makes the process a little easier for us to get together and have conversations about princess stuff,” said Ruby Homer-Wambeam, 14.

And those conversations are essential to host convincing princess parties.

“We have to have a lot of Disney knowledge going into the party,” said Jones, 15. “They ask a lot of very detailed questions.”

Hazel Homer-Wambeam said one of the most frequently asked questions is how the princesses arrived at the party, so the girls craft their stories before the party so inquisitive partygoers can’t poke holes in the fun.

All three business partners babysit their younger siblings, attend dance class and participate in Laramie High School’s theater program, so the business idea seemed like a good fit, she said.

“This job felt like a great way to use all of our talents,” Hazel Homer-Wambeam said.

Having started the business in November, she said they’ve already performed at six parties, including an office Christmas party.

But as more business rolls in, the girls said they have plans to expand their offerings even more.

“The next step for our business is to get more pirates,” Hazel Homer-Wambeam said. “I do feel like there are some children who don’t believe in princesses or want princesses at their parties, but they are into pirates or superheroes.”

Go to www.laramieprincesses.com for more information about Laramie Princess Parties or visit the Laramie Princess Parties Facebook page.

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Brett Glass

Fun! Hope they don't get a "cease and desist" from Disney.

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