Matt Lockhart

General Manager Matt Lockhart speaks about vehicles offered at Snowy Range Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram on Tuesday afternoon.

Snowy Range Dodge, formerly Adventure Dodge, is under new ownership and working to change the culture of car sales, Snowy Range Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram General Manager Matt Lockhart said.

“Our new slogan is ‘One hour, one price, isn’t that nice,’” Lockhart said. “Our new approach allows our customer experience managers to help the customer from the beginning to the end through the website, so the customer isn’t being bounced back and forth everywhere.”

The car dealership, located at 1565 Pierce St., originally opened in 2014, but in June 2017, Josh Griffin bought the dealership and reopened it in March with the new name, Lockhart said.

“(Griffin) owns a dealership in Casper as well and has a great love for Wyoming,” he said. “I opened the store originally in 2014, but left after about a year. When (Griffin) called me and told me his vision for Snowy Range, I was in.”

After reopening the dealership, Lockhart said Snowy Range brought in additional employees and ramped up its inventory.

“We’ve added roughly 8-10 positions,” he said. “And our No. 1 focus is the customer. Our sales team is not commission based. Instead, we’re all a team.”

Previously, sales associates might have competed to earn sales, but Lockhart said at Snowy Range, sales associates were assigned to teams, and each team’s goal was to help the other teams with sales.

“We think it’s working pretty well,” he said. “March 2018 was the best month ever (for sales) in the history of the store.”

One new addition on the lot is Chrysler certified pre-owned cars, which have “sold like hot cakes,” Lockhart said.

As the dealership grows, Lockhart said Snowy Range would work toward becoming a community asset.

“Our focus is going to be more community involvement and we’d like to expand in the future,” he said. “We’ve certainly got the land for it.”

Call 460-3990 or go to for more information about Snowy Range.

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