After opening Oct. 1, Laramie’s newest cafe, Boba Cafe, quickly became a hit with local tea enthusiasts, Boba Tea co-owner Matt McCune said.

“We had one guy come in here nine times last weeks,” he explained. “People seem to be really enjoying it.”

McCune’s wife and Thailand native, Ladda, nodded in agreement.

“When we first opened and people drink the boba, I hear ‘Mmm,’” Ladda McCune said, her words draped in a thick Taiwanese accent. “It makes me happy when I hear that.”

Created around the 1980s in Taiwan, boba tea, aka bubble tea, is a type of tea smoothie enhanced with sweetened, black tapioca pearls, Matt McCune said.

“We serve a lot of the staple flavors people find at other places that have boba, but we also have some unique flavors,” he said. “We have taro, matcha green tea, honey dew and durian fruit — to name a few.”

Durian is an exotic fruit grown in southeast Asia and regarded as the “world’s smelliest fruit.” The durian’s odor is so powerful, the fruit was banned from the Singapore Rapid Mass Transit, the Smithsonian reported.

“When you cut a fresh durian, the smell fills the space,” Matt McCune said, adding with a chuckle, “but we just have the flavoring, which is quite good, so there is none of the smell.”

The McCune’s moved to Laramie about 10 years ago and opened their first restaurant, Thai Spice, in 2013.

“I’m good about food, I’m good about cooking, I’m good about eating,” Ladda McCune said, explaining her motivation behind opening the eateries. “I want to make people happy. I want to share experience I enjoy.”

When the location next to Thai Spice recently became available, Matt McCune said the couple started asking around about what people thought Laramie could use.

“Some of our employees were talking about how college students are always looking for a quiet place to study,” he said. “We wanted to something like a café with espresso and coffee, but we also wanted something the Laramie market didn’t already have, so we decided on boba.”

Previously a tattoo parlor, the McCune’s renovated the space with sand-colored tile flooring, cream-painted walls, reclaimed pine table tops from a local crafter and simple seating, with a few leather couches thrown into the mix.

Located at 204 S. Third St., Suite A, the cafe is open 7 a.m.-9 p.m. seven days a week.

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