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A space at the corner of Third Street and Grand Avenue, the longtime home of Grand Avenue Pizza, will soon open as Accomplice Micropub and the Good Egg, serving a variety of foods and craft brews.

Conner Hotel building co-owner J.T. Walsch said after Grand Avenue Pizza left his building last spring, he and the building’s other co-owners looked hard to find the perfect tenants to take over and revitalize the corner of Third Street and Grand Avenue.

Renovations are now underway as new tenants Accomplice Micropub and The Good Egg prepare to open their doors at the location later this fall, likely the first week of October.

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Now if only the owners would dress up the rest of the building as shown in this plan (see page 34)

Brett Glass

Yet another alcohol outlet in close proximity to the three others near that corner. This is going to pose problems, with drunks dashing in front of turning traffic at one of the busiest intersections in the state. The City Council needs to limit the concentration of liquor licenses, lest this - as well as bar hopping drunks overconsuming alcohol - becomes a serious safety hazard.

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