A surprising discovery

Samuel S. Wood, the founder of Woods Landing, is seen here sometime in the late 19th century. Courtesy photo

William E. Wood likes projects; they’re what keep the 71-year-old Rawlins native, U.S. Army veteran and amateur historian busy in his retirement years.

William Wood’s latest project has him researching his family tree.

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Fabulous story. With all the division in the country today due to political differences, this story simply shows us all that we come from a history and leave a legacy. I enjoyed the story very much,Aaron.


Interesting story. When you think about it, Woods Landing, Laramie and other Western towns and communities are really not that old, but have changed so much in such a short amount of time.


great story, and great genealogy. Loved it.


Wonderful story--so enjoyed the read! This is the sort of find that quickens the pulse of family arborists, who are forever in search of their ancestral narratives. I have spent over a decade diligently researching my heritage, rewarded intermittently by a new piece of information that sends my search in another direction.


It is wonderful to see stories in the paper about the history of Laramie & Albany County. I know for a fact that the San Antonio Express & News has increased subscriptions by printing local news about each community un the area. I am friends with their CEO. For instance, there was a time when our local newspaper printed news from Centennial, Woods Landing, Fox Park, Harmony, Sand Creek, Tie Siding, Bosler, Rock River, etc. Also news about what is going on in Laramie.

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