Wyoming on Thursday saw the largest single-day increase in confirmed coronavirus cases since the illness was first detected in the state.

The Wyoming Department of Health said 36 new cases were reported in Campbell, Fremont, Laramie, Natrona, Park, Sheridan, Sweetwater, Teton and Uinta counties to bring the state’s total number of confirmed cases since mid-March to 1,052.

At the same time, the number of recoveries seen in patients since the pandemic began increased by 30 to total 996 among both patients with confirmed and probable cases.

Sweetwater County posted the largest increase during the day with nine, while Fremont County reported six new cases.

Since mid-March, Fremont County has reported 307 confirmed cases; Laramie County has had 143; Uinta County has had 128; Natrona County has had 92; Teton County has had 85; Sweetwater has had 66; Campbell County has had 42; Washakie has had 34; Albany has had 29; Park has had 20; Sheridan has had 16; Converse and Johnson have had 15; Carbon has had 13; Lincoln has had 11; Big Horn and Hot Springs have had nine; Converse has had seven; Goshen has had four; Sublette has had three; Platte has had two, and Niobrara and Weston have had one.

However, the number of recoveries also increased on Thursday to total 996, a gain of 30 from Wednesday.

Of the recoveries, 781 were seen among confirmed cases and 215 were seen among probable cases.

A probable case is defined as one where the patient is showing symptoms of coronavirus and has been in contact with someone with a confirmed case of the illness, but has not been tested. The number of probable cases seen since mid-March stood at 274 on Thursday.

The figures indicate the state has 312 active coronavirus cases, 253 patients with confirmed cases and 59 patients with probable cases.

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