Trump’s response to the pandemic is perfectMany in the media attribute Trump’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic as due to ignorance, disregard for science, stupidity, lack of empathy, apathy, inability to see the big picture, politicking, self-promotion and/or refusal to listen to experts.

Remember, Trump is not a self-made millionaire. He is not a successful casino owner or real estate guy—look at the record of law suits, bankruptcies, bailouts by daddy, and fishy debts overlooked by Deutschbanke. Trump is a “reality” TV personality.

What is his motivation for the delayed, disjointed, chaotic, and contradictory response to the pandemic? Well, look at what else he is doing—going after Sessions for recusing himself, letting friends out of prison supposedly because of the pandemic (by what legal process one may ask, since he doesn’t bother with other prisoners), getting his crooked attorney general to drop charges against Flynn despite his confession and the fact that he is in the sentencing phase of the process, continuing to consult with Putin, continuing to fight any disclosure of his finances, and doing whatever possible to suppress voting in the up-coming election.

Hm, looks like he knows he can’t win in a fair and free election, again. That he needs to cheat and get Russian help. That he needs to try to cover up connections with Russia. That he needs to get rid of competent truth-telling people.

The answer to his pandemic response is simple—despite efforts to cover it up, Trump is probably financially and otherwise compromised by Russia. He is egocentric and willing to sell out his country to save himself and to stay in power. This handling of the pandemic has been perfect if the purpose is to do Putin’s bidding of disrupting and undermining our democracy and keeping himself in power by whatever means necessary.

Trump is only looking out for number one while 100,000 Americans and counting have died.

Tell Barrasso, Enzi, and Cheney we deserve better, that we expect them to uphold their oaths of office and defend our democracy and our lives.


Carol Smith


Voter suppression and TrumpI am speculating as I wonder, but deep down I think that our President is up to his gills, so to speak, in mapping out a suppression to voting – on two basic fronts.

First, I think he is trying with all his might to reduce voting by virtue of letting the pandemic have its way. Let’s face it. Most who are dying from it are ones who probably would vote against him in November. So, why not wipe out a few who could kick him out of office by letting them die? It is almost cruel to suspect such, but when a guy who has the power to address a national tragedy by jumping in and managing a federal program to deal with it – and doesn’t – there must be a reason. Why has President Trump been so reluctant to deal with the pandemic on a national level? You tell me, but one reason could be that he does not want it resolved for the advantage of letting it take out some voters who would likely vote against him in November.

And second, why is he mounting a campaign to try and eliminate voting by mail? Why? Because the harder he can make it to vote, the better off he can be. So why not stand up in front of the press and accuse those states who want to allow voting by mail to not get their way? Accuse the process of being fraudulent. One of his arguments: too many people would use the process to vote twice – once through the mail and once on election day. It sounds like a legitimate argument for disallowing voting by mail. But is it? Is it only another way to make voting hard – and thereby suppress voting in another way? And this from a guy who insists on voting by mail. It’s just fine for him, but we sure can’t allow it for the masses. Personally, I would call that “hypocrisy.”

Hey, some things to think about! I will leave it at that.

Francis William Bessler


Wind farm will hurt property valuesI’ve been thinking about connections, community and how just one person’s actions can influence so many others. In 1995 my husband and I purchased property south of Vedauwoo that revealed itself to have spectacular, unspoiled views, abundant recreation and a welcoming community with cowboy values. The decision to build our dream home was followed by 3 family members.

After reading a Boomerang article about UW’s struggle to develop a much-needed conference center and hotel my brother-in-law began the conversations and connections that resulted in the building of the Hilton Garden Inn and UW Conference Center. This, in-turn, led to development of five additional hotels to support the conference center’s attendees and the ever-growing sustainable tourism business.

Because of values and connections, it is now more important than ever to become educated and make your voice heard on wind energy and the project that is being planned south of Vedauwoo. The wind turbines being proposed are 3 ½ times the height the height of White Hall. Current Albany County setbacks will allow these monsters to be built within 0.7 miles from a home. The hundreds of people affected by this industrial sized project will be forced to subsidize construction of the turbines to the tune of 50-65% (Federal subsidies) and lose as much as 45% of their properties’ value with no compensation or benefit of the energy generation (which will be sent out of state). If we allow this development Big Wind will have a green light to build turbines up the 287 corridor and envelope the gateways to the Snowy Range.

We are already losing prospective citizens and development. Had our family known planners could so easily transform state and agricultural zoned lands into heavy industrial we would have looked elsewhere and not have invested in this community. We must not let Albany County slam the door on future leaders by destroying the reasons people choose to come here. Please contact Albany County planning and urge them to revise outdated zoning regulations and protect the citizens they are sworn to serve. Connections truly matter.

Gayle Wilson

Albany County

Don’t Vilify People with COVID-19Is the guy who had a heart attack to blame because of those hamburgers and fries platters he enjoyed? Is someone who has a skin cancer lesion at fault because they should never have gone out in the sun? There are many people with a genetic pre-disposition to having high cholesterol; it doesn’t matter what diet they follow even if they never have an indulgent fry. There are fair-skinned or otherwise, whose response to the sun, or geographic location (or higher altitude) may make them more susceptible to skin cancer.

The idea that those who have contracted the COVID-19 virus are personally responsible for becoming ill is inappropriate and dangerous. Perhaps those people caught the virus because they had a prolonged conversation with someone (who was even wearing a mask) or hugged a loved one who just graduated or went to the grocery store and didn’t know the person in front of them was asymptomatically viral, or works interfacing with the public and is exposed to many people throughout the day. The idea that these people are criminals or are “under investigation for having COVID-19” is a very bad one.

Case numbers of COVID-19 in Albany County will increase as our community begins to return to being human with the naturally driven desire to seek interaction with other humans and its easy to accuse folks of taking “dangerous risks” of socializing and going out into the world. The virus is going to spread. This is to be expected. What we know since February’s initial news reports forecasting that 2.2 million people in the US will die is that is simply not true, quarantine or not, masks or not. The virus is not as deadly as was initial predicted. Recovery rates are 98%+ and many more cases are uncounted and completely asymptomatic.

Some folks will never show symptoms and others will become gravely ill, the fault of neither. We must stop thinking of people who have tested positive for the virus (or antibodies) as villains in our society. If we don’t, I fear dire consequences.

Karen Bienz


Combatting child abuse more important than everEverything we knew as normal changed around the middle of March. Families are now isolated at home, schools closed, and parents lost their jobs. Anxiety about health, education, and finances are at an all-time high. Children aren’t seeing the teachers, counselors, and other adults who would normally raise concerns about their well-being. The COVID-19 pandemic has created conditions for a perfect storm for an increase in child abuse the effects that might not be felt for months.

When there is domestic violence, substance abuse, or a mental disorder, the risk of child abuse also goes up. Now imagine any one of those factors or possibly all of them in a home where children are 24/7. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is some children will have to endure horrific and repeated abuse and trauma during this pandemic and do so all in silence. Many of the eyes and ears that normally would hear are now distant and far away.

According to a publication by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families Administration on Children, Youth and Families Children’s Bureau Office on Child Abuse and Neglect, 2003, Professionals submitted more than one-half (56.5 percent) of the cases referred to and assessed or investigated by child protective services (CPS), with education personnel the most frequent source of reports. Most school personnel typically see more cases in the fall because abuse that occurs during the summer often goes undetected. Nationally we expect that when this period of social distancing comes to an end, we’ll see a similar surge.

When this is over, and it will be some day, it will only be the tip of the iceberg for those responsible for the welfare and investigation of child abuse. Resources will be needed to address the flood that will follow. As we deal with the fear of the disease, the devastation of the economic fallout, let us not forget those who are suffering in silence now and who will need our support once they can again tell their story. Safe Harbor, a children’s justice center.

Lynn Storey-Huylar


U.S. should help Hong KongThe communist dictatorship in China is now taking over in Hong Kong, violating promises made in 1997. Hong Kong is an entrepreneurial and democratic community of highly productive people often proficient in English. 7.5 million people live there.

We cannot stop China’s takeover. We could offer immigration visas to most of Hong Kong’s people. Offer immigration visas to Hong Kong citizens who have lived in Hong Kong for more than five years, are not members of the communist party, have not been convicted of major crimes against persons, and are either under age 50 or immigrating with a family member under age 50.

The United States would greatly benefit from having another several million good people. As Taiwan is increasingly being threatened by China, we should also consider whether, under the protection of our armed forces, it would be feasible to relocate Taiwan’s 23 million people along with much of their industrial equipment to the United States rather than have them fall under communist rule.


Martin L. Buchanan


Firing deputy would offer some assurance to communityDear Sheriff O’Malley:

As police chiefs and others in law enforcement across the country condemn the MURDER of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and try to assure their communities that such violence will not be tolerated there, we know that you cannot offer the same assurance to the residents of Albany County, WY.

Why? Because you still have a killer working as one of your deputies. I won’t name names, because the coward killer in your midst might sue me, but I will remind you that he killed Robbie nearly two years ago. And that was his second killing.

Fire the killer now! That would be a start to assuring YOUR constituents that they will not be subjected to the same murderous violence as George Floyd, God rest his soul.


J.D. Nichols


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