Developmental Preschool and Day Care Center

Three of Albany County’s recent cases have impacted employees at one Laramie business and led to the closure of another.

Bloedorn Lumber has had two employees test positive for COVID-19, manager Willie Caldwell told the Boomerang.

Neither have returned to work and the business is following recommended guidelines, like requiring employees to wear masks. Caldwell was adamant that Bloedorn Lumber will remain open because it fits the requirements of an essential infrastructure operation.

Meanwhile, the Developmental Preschool and Day Care Center has closed after a staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

Jaime Stine, the day care’s executive director, said she was notified of the positive case this past Saturday and subsequently closed the facility for two weeks. Despite this, Stine feels confident the day care will be able to reopen within a week.

“I’m working with the county public health office to make sure they don’t have any reservations for us being able to do so,” Stine said.

Before the confirmed case, the preschool had been operating at a limited capacity and was only looking after children of essential workers.

“I’m completing a form right now that will help us to get an exception to allow us to reopen with a more direct plan in place to help prevent further widespread closures,” said Stine.

Since the daycare was shouldering the responsibility of caring for children of essential workers, Stine is eager to get the facility running again, saying “we want to be able to take care of these kiddos and get them back so that the parents can go take care of the rest of the community, which is so important.”

Stine stated that she’s heard other people affiliated with the preschool have been tested for COVID-19 but she was unable to confirm if that’s happened.

A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that a child under the care of Developmental Preschool and Day Care Center had tested positive for COVID-19. In fact, it was a staff member who tested positive. The correction was made May 28.

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