Since Friday, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Albany County has increased from 10 to 20.

The Wyoming Department of Health confirmed four cases on Saturday, then three on Sunday and another three Monday.

The spike came just after an unusual Friday — the first day in two months in which WDH reported zero new confirmed cases. That day didn’t mark a trend.

Over the following three days, WDH confirmed more than 30 new cases.

The number of known active cases in Wyoming is currently 244.

The number of recoveries went up on Monday by 24, all in Fremont County, to total 599, including 450 among patients with confirmed cases of the virus and 149 among those with probable cases.

A probable case is defined as one where a patient shows symptoms of coronavirus and had been in contact with someone who has a confirmed case, but has not been tested for the illness. As of Sunday, the Department of Health said the state had 200 probable cases.

As of Monday afternoon, Fremont County had 220 cases; Laramie County had 122 cases; Teton County had 69 cases; Natrona County had 57; Washakie County had 27; Campbell and Sweetwater had 17; Converse and Johnson had 14; Sheridan had 12; Lincoln had 11; Carbon and Uinta had nine; Hot Springs had eight; Crook had five; Goshen had four; Big Horn had four, and Park had two. Niobrara, Platte and Sublette counties each had one case.

Weston County remained the only county in the state without a coronavirus case Monday.

More than 20,000 tests from Wyoming residents have now been processed since the start of the pandemic.

19.4% of the confirmed cases were determined to have resulted from community spread.

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Thank You boom for the daily doom. Remember folks to wear your fear masks like good compliant sheep and stay in the herd. The dog will tell you what to do next.

What should have been reported in this paper but wasn't was the new CDC report which finally offered a fatality estimate with some degree of accuracy rather than their fraudulent models up to now. It is now .26% as opposed to 3.4% when this hoax started.

Brett Glass

This is just the distant rumble before the storm. A lot of people went to reopened churches - as well as restaurants and bars, which should not have reopened for indoor service - this weekend and did not wear masks or practice appropriate social distancing. The science says that by mid-June, we'll be hit hard. Perhaps harder than New York City.

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