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The map shows the location of the plat at the corner of Glacier and Bill Nye.

More than three weeks after the city planning commission recommended that the Laramie City Council approve more land for the Grand View Heights project, the city council was ready to talk dirt (and roads) this week.

Two of the topics on the city council’s agenda this week included whether or not it would approve the final plat, which would consist of 71 residential lots for single-family and twin-home development and the replating of two existing lots and open space on a 13.9 acre tract of land north of Bill Nye Avenue and west of Glacier Street.

The sixth filing will allow for more residential lots, and will replat two lots that were a part of the fifth filing and three open space tracts of land. The total space will amount to 13.9 acres and will remove a small cul-de-sac and modify it into an alleyway.

The original Grand View Heights planned unit development (PUD) and its preliminary plat were approved by the city of Laramie in February 2006. Since that time, the city council has approved six additional final plat filings to the PUD. The six filings have built out areas located in the area by Vista Drive and north of Bill Nye Avenue. This area has been developed with a mixture of 272 single-family attached and detached units.

With all PUDs, open space and associated improvements are required. More than 13.6 acres of open space and physical improvements such as trails, trees, irrigation and pathways have been provided by the developer, Country Club LLC. The company has also contributed $277,400 toward development of the open space.

During the planning commission meeting, public comments were discussed. Some of the concerns raised included the increase of density and small single-family home lots, parking, water and sewer capacity and fire flow.

The homes being built are intended to be for seniors, empty-nesters and small families looking to buy their first home.

During the Tuesday night meeting, the council unanimously approved both the sixth filing final plat and an amendment to the Grand View Heights planned unit development. The latter would allow the road between Buckskin Trail and Cliff Street to be widened by two feet.

The council actually had to extend the meeting past 9:30 p.m. to be able to vote on the final plat item.

Since the council meeting was livestreamed to Facebook, one commenter left a note to the council about her opinion on the meeting.

“I’m very saddened about what transpired tonight regarding Grand View Heights,” Rebecca Lowes wrote. “Not one resident wrote into the council in favor of the proposed changes to the 6th filing. These poorly planned changes do not satisfy their intended goals. I’m very sad the council members didn’t vote according to their constituents. We live and work here. The developer does not. His subjective comments troubled me the most. This will only add to the Laramie housing problem. These cottages prices are what we paid for our single family home on a regular sized lot.”

There was also discussion about the cottages’ affordability, which range in the mid-$300,000s, as well as the density of the population in the Grand View Heights area.


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