Democrat Tim Chesnut and Republican Ocean Andrew are moving on to face each other in the general election after winning their respective primaries for House District 46.

Chesnut, a former 20-year veteran of the Albany County Commission, narrowly edged out Lawrence Struempf, an instructor at Laramie County Community College.

Chesnut told the Boomerang he’s “excited to be moving on.”

“I think it will be an interesting race moving forward and I look forward to the next couple months,” Chesnut.

Coming into Tuesday, Chesnut said he didn’t have clear notion of what the result.

“I didn’t, but I was hopeful that my name recognition and my experience and record would help get through the Democratic nomination,” he said.

Struempf did not respond for comment by press time Tuesday night.

With a total vote count of 908, Chesnut won 50% of the total while Struempf won 43%.

Andrew, owner of the Off The Hook Fish and Chips, defeated James Jackson, a retired Marine Corps veteran.

With a vote total of 1,485 in the Republican primary, Andrew won 65% of the vote with Jackson winning 24%.

Andrew did not respond to comment by press time, but Jackson told the Boomerang that he’s supporting his former opponent in the general election.

“I met up with Ocean tonight and congratulated him on a job well done and told him he has my support moving forward. Anything he needs from me, I’ll be there to provide it.”

While Andrew had a high-profile campaign with mailed flyers, Jackson said he relied on word-of-mouth and going door-to-door.

“Running a no-cost campaign was tough, but I’m not sad and I’m not mad,” he said.

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