Two new cases of COVID-19 in Albany County were confirmed over the weekend, bringing the county’s total of confirmed cases to 10.

Before the two new confirmed cases, Albany County had not had a confirmed case since late April.

Three of the county’s confirmed cases have been determined to have been caused by community spread or another unknown cause.

Wyoming recorded a new coronavirus-related death over the weekend and new cases in five counties Monday pushed the state’s total confirmed coronavirus case count to 577.

Meanwhile, the deaths of two Wyoming residents in Colorado in March and April were added to the list of people whose deaths were linked to coronavirus in the state.

The Wyoming Department of Health reported Saturday an older Fremont County woman had died as a result of the illness. The woman had existing medical conditions that put her at higher risk of complications from the disease, the department said.

The two people who died earlier this year were an older woman from Carbon County who died in April and an older man from Laramie County who died in March, according to the state Department of Health.

Both were living in Colorado, but were considered permanent residents of Wyoming. When deaths are related to an illness such as coronavirus, the deaths are then linked to the state of permanent residence, said Guy Beaudoin, deputy state registrar with the Department of Health.

He added delays in the reporting of such deaths are not unusual.

Wyoming officials consider coronavirus to be the cause of or contributing factor to both deaths, he said in a news release

“In Wyoming, we have instructed medical certifiers such as attending physicians and coroners that COVID-19 should only be reported on death certificates when the disease caused or contributed to a person’s death,” he said. “So if someone who happens to be positive for COVID-19 died due to an automobile accident, their passing would not be counted as a coronavirus-related death.”

On Monday, new cases were recorded in Albany, Fremont, Hot Springs, Johnson and Natrona County, where six new cases surfaced.

The increase came one day after an outbreak at a Worland nursing home added seven new cases to the total.

The Health Department said five staff members and four residents of the Worland Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center have been identified as infected with the coronavirus, although confirmation through testing of some patients is still pending.

The department said it was unsure how the virus was introduced to the facility. Officials are trying to collect samples from all employees and residents to determine how widespread the outbreak might be.

Dr. Alexia Harrist, the state’s health officer, said nursing homes have been a top priority for the Health Department in its efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus.

“We know the residents of these places are among the most vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19 and we have seen terrible situations occur in other nursing homes across the country,” she said. “We also recognize that the nature of long-term care facilities can make it very challenging to control the spread of the virus once it’s been introduced into a specific location.”

The number of recoveries seen since coronavirus was first detected in Wyoming in March stood at 504 as of Monday, 367 among patients with confirmed cases and 137 among those with probable cases.

A probable case is defined as one where the patient has coronavirus symptoms and has been in contact with someone with a confirmed case, but has not been tested for the illness. As of Monday, the Health Department said there were 189 cases.

The Health Department’s figures indicate there are 254 active cases of coronavirus around the state — 210 among those with confirmed cases and 52 among those with probable cases.

The number of active cases is determined by adding the confirmed and probable cases — 766 — subtracting the total number of recoveries and subtracting the number of deaths.

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Brett Glass

...and, as they say, après ça, le deluge. Due to the Governor's politically motivated relaxation of already lax restrictions at EXACTLY the wrong time, our state is seeing an acceleration in the rate of infections - and will have the highest possible peak of infections and deaths. 2,000 Americans are dying of the virus every day; I guess he wants to make sure we "contribute" more than our share.


Well bg, these two new cases would have happened in March if not for the Governor's unconstitutional statewide lockdown. This proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the Governor's lockdown was completely useless. All it did was send the state into an economic depression and ruin 000's of people's lives but you're O.K. with that. Maybe you should run for election. After winning you too could issue illegal orders and celebrate as people suffer from them.

Brett Glass

False. Do you know where and how those two cases occured? I do. And they were the result of failure to practice proper social distancing - which has, in turn, been encouraged by the Governor's relaxation of already lax constraints on the spread of the virus. We'll see more sickness, and many needless deaths, due to this.


Stop the gas lighting bg. You know nothing about the two new cases and there is zero scientific proof behind social distancing. COVID-19 death rate is .000014

Brett Glass

Wrong on all counts.


Mr. Glass, you can stay at home then. Wear your mask, I and my wife do. Use hand sanitizer, wipe things down...But, we choose to live our lives. If you want to live inside all the time, be my guest. The rest of us who choose not to stay inside, and still take precautions, will enjoy life as much as possible.

Brett Glass

I am a responsible citizen who does not want to endanger or kill others, and so I will indeed wear a mask. And I will, indeed, live my life. But that does not mean I am going to stay inside all the time; there's no need for that. I am working hard, in my two businesses, both in industries which the Department of Homeland Security has designated as essential. But I will work safely, and also advocate for proper constraints that will check the spread of the virus and save lives. These include the closure of indoor, sit-down dining facilities and bars, which have been proven by scientific studies to UNAVOIDABLY spread the virus among patrons. I and my family are buying food from restaurants which remain "take-out only," and in fact have budgeted extra money to patronize them, so as to support them during these times when indoor table service or bellying up to a bar is simply unsafe for both patrons and staff. I will likewise continue to advocate that patrons and employees at retail outlets practice safe social distancing, and favor the ones that do. (Customers AND employees at our local Walmart and at least one of our local hardware stores are not; maintaining a safe distance from others in these stores is like a game of Pac-Man.) It's our responsibility to our city, to our state, and to our fellow man not to harm others and to check the spread of the virus until effective treatments, and ultimately a vaccine, are developed.


"These include the closure of indoor, sit-down dining facilities and bars, which have been proven by scientific studies to UNAVOIDABLY spread the virus among patrons."

No, the Diamond Princess cruise ship proved that to be demonstrably FALSE months ago but if you have actual studies either post them or stop lying about their existence.

"It's our responsibility ... to check the spread of the virus until effective treatments, and ultimately a vaccine, are developed. There already are effective well known treatments and may very well never be a vaccine.


bg says, "I am working hard, in my two businesses, both in industries which the Department of Homeland Security has designated as essential." Let me guess, Starbucks?, Pizza?, Dairy Queen?, Chocolate Shop?

Brett Glass

All of the replies posted here - under a pseudonym - by "TheReplacement" are false, misleading, and derogatory. One can only wonder what's wrong with this person. Too much exposure to Hoax news, perhaps?


BG, The fear hoax is exactly what you're propagating. Orson Welles is laughing in his grave. This was a PLAN demic from the get go if you had the critical thinking skills to examine the time line and the characters involved. The deep state oligarchs were quite successful in stealing $4.5T from you and me (about $60,000 per U.S. household in return for our $1200 crumbs) using this PLAN demic as cover. It sure beats running opioids from Afghanistan and fentanyl from China. I only access international independent news sources while you're still stuck on face book, LOL.

Brett Glass

Again, false. I am not on Facebook.

Brett Glass

What is this troll's motivation, I wonder? Is s/he simply ignorant? Motivated by blind political loyalty or greed? Hopefully, our community is savvy enough to ignore such dangerous, deluded people.


BG, I'm only motivated by the truth. I may mock your narcissism and left wing virtue signaling but I sense you may have some have potential if you only can develop some reasoning skills. Note that whenever I ask you a question you can't respond. That's because all you're doing is regurgitating what you're hearing on msm and have not thought about it in depth.

Brett Glass

I won't dignify your loaded "questions" with answers. I'll leave it to the reader to observe that you're spouting politically motivated nonsense


Like when I simply asked you last week what Art. Sec. of the WY constitution gave the governor the power to shutdown a lawfully operating business? Seems more like your head is loaded - with hot air.

Brett Glass

When any business violates health regulations, it can be shut down. Which is as it should be. This weekend, churches - which are businesses - will recklessly reopen and spread the virus. Expect an explosion in COVID-19 cases within 14 days.

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