TAKE THE $2.00 Challenge!

Pledge to spend $100.00 Locally!

Dear Albany County residents,

We’ve all heard it before, “Shop Local,” but have you ever stopped to ask why? Each holiday shopping season, thousands of shoppers hop in their minivans and SUVs and venture out to shop for holiday gifts, or they jump on their smart phone and order all their gifts online from an out-of-state retailer. For many, it’s a tradition. It’s a shopping experience. It can be fun and even convenient, but it can have a negative impact on our local economy.

Imagine, if you will, that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, 25,000 Albany County residents shop online for holiday gifts. If those residents spend just $100 per person on gifts, this community has lost $2.5 million in gross retail sales. That’s a lot of stocking stuffers!

But what if just 25% of those 25,000 shoppers decided to shop local and invest $100 of their hard-earned money back into the communities where they live? They would inject $625,000 back into our community. The change in shopping behavior would have a dramatic and positive impact on our local economy. Many national studies have shown that a dollar spent in the local economy can turn over as many as four times. Using that estimate, the $625,000 in new local spending could become $2.5 million as it works its way through the hands of residents.

To showcase the impact of local holiday spending, the Laramie Boomerang is launching the $2 Bill Shop local challenge.

The Challenge

We are challenging residents to take $100 that they would typically spend on holiday gifts online or outside the area and spend it right here with local businesses. We’re not saying spend more; we’re saying spend locally. To highlight the impact of our $2 Bill Shop local challenge, we are asking those who agree to participate to convert their $100 commitment into $2 bills. Spending $2 bills is an easy way for local businesses to clearly see the effort you are making to shop locally.

To help drive home this impact even further, we are asking businesses that receive $2 bills in the upcoming shopping season to redistribute them as change rather than making them part of the nightly deposit. We would also like shoppers who receive the $2 bills as part of their change to make a conscious effort to put them back into the local economy.

To accept this challenge, please complete the online form by clicking the button below. You can also call the Boomerang at 307-755-3322 and ask to have your name added to the list of participants. As a supporter of the $2 Bill Shop local challenge, your name will be published in this newspaper several times throughout the holiday season as part of our campaign to encourage local holiday spending.

Once you sign the online commitment form, simply stop by your local participating UniWyo Federal Credit Union and they will convert your $100 cash into $2 bills for free. Also enter to win an extra $100.00 for your shopping trips at Uni Wyo Federal Credit Union when you get your bundle of $2.00 bills. Please don’t wait until the last minute, as the supply of $2 bills is limited.

So what do you think Albany County? Do you accept this challenge? Make your commitment now by completing the commitment form.

Happy Holidays!

The Laramie Boomerang employees and their families, proudly serving the Laramie and Albany County for more than 139 years.

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