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Wyoming 511

Wyoming Webcams

I-80 Port of Entry east of Cheyenne Courtesy
Wyoming Department of Transportation

I-25 Port of Entry south of Cheyenne Courtesy
Wyoming Department of Transportation

I-80 summit between Cheyenne and Laramie Courtesy
Wyoming Department of Transportation

I-25 between Cheyenne and Exit 29 Courtesy
Wyoming Department of Transportation
Wyoming Travel Information Service - Web Cameras
5300 Bishop Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY 82009-3340


Camera Location
Wyo Hill 3.51 miles south of Cheyenne (mm 3.52)
Cheyenne South POE 0.63 miles south of Cheyenne (mm 6.4)
College Drive Inside Cheyenne city limits (mm 8.05)
Cheyenne North Inside Cheyenne city limits (mm 15.8)
Whitaker 13.97 miles north of Cheyenne (mm 30.2)
Bear Creek 7.73 miles south of Chugwater (mm 46.77)
Chugwater North 2.94 miles north of Chugwater (mm 59.4)
Bordeaux 10 miles south of Wheatland (mm 70.8)
Douglas East 1.74 miles east of Douglas (mm 133.7)
Natural Bridge Located at Natural Bridge Interchange (mm 151.2)
Deer Creek 0.8 miles east of Glenrock Exit 165 (mm 164.2)
Casper Inside Casper city limits (mm 186.8)
Twenty Mile Hill 12.86 miles north of Casper (mm 207.2)
Midwest Interchange Located at Midwest Interchange (mm 223.78)
Mile Marker 272 6.62 miles north of Reno Road Interchange (mm 272.1)
Trabing Interchange 6.92 miles south of Buffalo (mm 291.1)


Camera Location
Evanston POE 1.78 miles west of Evanston (mm 0.4)
Evanston Inside Evanston city limits (mm 4.2)
First Divide 6.9 miles east of Evanston (mm 13.6)
I 80 / US 189 Interchange Located at US 189 Interchange (mm 18)
French Interchange 0.4 miles east of French Interchange Exit 28.7 (mm 28.3)
Church Butte 0.66 miles west of Church Butte Exit 53.3 (mm 52.65)
Little America 1.7 miles east of Little America Exit 68 (mm 69.7)
Peru Hill 0.7 miles west of LaBarge Interchange Exit 83 (mm 82.31)
Green River Tunnel West Inside Green River city limits (mm 90.1)
Green River Tunnel Inside Green River city limits (mm 90.5)
Mile Marker 92 0.1 miles east of Green River (mm 92.75)
Mile Marker 94 1.6 miles east of Green River (mm 94.2)
Rock Springs West 2.37 miles west of Rock Springs (mm 97.9)
College Drive Inside Rock Springs city limits (mm 103.2)
Elk Street Inside Rock Springs city limits (mm 104.55)
Pilot Butte Inside Rock Springs city limits (mm 106.8)
Baxter Road 0.34 miles west of Baxter Rd IC Exit 111 (mm 111.5)
Point of Rocks 1.04 miles west of Point of Rocks Exit 130.8 (mm 129.8)
Bitter Creek 0.34 miles west of Bitter Creek Exit 142 (mm 141.83)
Tipton 1.83 miles west of Tipton Exit 158.5 (mm 156.72)
Wamsutter Located at Wamsutter Exit 173 (mm 173.45)
Continental Divide 14.75 miles west of the Carbon County Line (mm 184.3)
Creston Junction 11.63 miles west of the Carbon County Line (mm 187.42)
Hadsell Interchange 5.2 miles west of Rawlins (mm 206)
Sinclair 5.88 miles east of Rawlins (mm 221.7)
Walcott Junction 18.84 miles east of Rawlins (mm 234.66)
Halleck Ridge 8.07 miles west of Elk Mountain (mm 252.16)
Elk Mountain Located at the Elk Mountain Interchange (mm 255.6)
County Road 402 6.4 miles east of Elk Mountain (mm 262)
Wagonhound 0.61 miles west of Wagonhound Rest Area (mm 266.58)
Foote Creek 2.56 miles west of Arlington Interchange(mm 269.5)
Arlington Located at the Arlington Interchange (mm 272)
Arlington East 1.85 miles east of Arlington Interchange (mm 273.85)
Cooper Cove 7.3 miles east of Arlington (mm 279.36)
Cooper Cove East 8.3 miles east of Arlington (mm 280.36)
Quealy Dome 20.41 miles west of Laramie (mm 289.5)
Herrick Lane 12.25 miles west of Laramie (mm 297.66)
Laramie West Inside Laramie city limits (mm 311.1)
Laramie Inside Laramie city limits (mm 317)
Telephone Canyon 2.78 miles east of Laramie (mm 320.2)
The Summit Located at Summit Rest Area Exit (mm 323)
Summit East 2.9 miles east of Summit Rest Area (mm 325.9)
Summit Tavern 3.9 miles east of Summit Rest Area (mp 326.9)
Vedauwoo 1.38 miles east of Vedauwoo Exit 329 (mm 330.70)
Lone Tree 3.3 miles west of the Laramie County Line (mm 333.32)
Buford East 0.5 miles west of the Laramie County Line (mm 336.1)
Remount 3.9 miles east of the Laramie County Line (mm 340.5)
Harriman 1.24 miles east of Harriman Exit 342.5 (mm 343.24)
Warren Interchange 0.5 miles west of Warren Interchange Exit 345.5 (mm 345)
Mile Marker 353 3.7 miles west of Cheyenne (mm 353)
Roundtop Inside Cheyenne city limits (mm 357.7)
Cheyenne East 1.6 miles east of Cheyenne (mm 373)
Carpenter Interchange Located at the WYO 213/214 Interchange (mm 386.5)
Pine Bluffs 0.9 miles west of Pine Bluffs (mm 401.8)


Camera Location
Montana State Line 0.1 miles south of the Montana State Line (mm 0.1)
Ranchester 0.88 miles south of Ranchester (mm 9.88)
Dietz POE 2.43 miles north of Sheridan (mm 16.5)
Sheridan Inside Sheridan city limits (mm 25.3)
Fetterman 11.02 miles south of Sheridan (mm 40.25)
Piney Creek 15.47 miles south of Sheridan (mm 44.7)
I 90 / I 25 Interchange Located at the I-25/I-90 Interchange (mm 56.7)
Buffalo Located at the I-25/I-90 Interchange (mm 56.8)
Indian Creek Road 0.47 miles west of Indian Creek Exit 82.8 (mm 83.3)
Mile Marker 108 14.27 miles west of Gillette (mm 108)
Gillette Inside Gillette city limits (mm 128.1)
Inyan Kara 1.59 miles west of Inyan Kara Exit 172 (mm 170.51)
Sundance West 3.2 miles west of Sundance (mm 183.24)
Sundance East POE Located at East Sundance Exit 189 (mm 189)
Sundance East 2.6 miles east of Sundance (mm 190.4)
Moskee Road 5.3 miles east of Sundance (mm 193.1)
Beulah Located at Beulah Interchange Exit 205.9 (mm 205.9)