Dear Editor,

The Wyoming Writing Project is a state site of the National Writing Project. We are located at the University of Wyoming, housed at the Literacy Research Center and Clinic. Our mission is to support teachers as writers and teachers of writing.

We deliver professional development for K-12 educators in Wyoming during the summer months. Our leadership team consists of both UW faculty and Teacher Consultants from schools in Wyoming. Last summer, we worked with more than 60 teachers around the state in Sheridan, Thayne, and Laramie.

On June 30, WWP will be in Laramie to deliver a day of free PD to all interested educators of all levels. This invitation extends to paraprofessionals and substitute teachers as well. We will also hold a special session for administrators.

The day will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Education Annex on the UW campus. We will offer break-out sessions on various writing instruction and assessment topics in the morning. After an on-your-own lunch break we will host a writing marathon to begin at 1 p.m.

The writing marathon is open to the community and to writers of all ages. It is a time when we visit sites around the community, write, and share our craft. Educators who attend the morning sessions and the writing marathon qualify for PTSB credit.

After traveling to Wheatland and Evanston, we are excited to return to Laramie to work with teachers to improve writing instruction and assessment and to welcome community members to join in writing of all kinds. Registration for the PD and more information about WWP can be found at

There is no need to register for the writing marathon only. Participants can show up with a pen and notebook for instructions at 1 p.m. Registration for the morning PD sessions is preferred to help us prepare but no one will be turned away.

Amy Spiker, co-director, Wyoming Writing Project


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