During the campaigns, a lot of people had a cow about Bernie Sanders and socialism. If that was so disturbing, why aren’t we all concerned about communism anymore?

I am a baby boomer and grew up with bomb drills at school during the Cuban missile crisis. Communism was the enemy of democracy and all America stood for.

Now we have a president who has meetings with Putin and other Russians with no one to document the meeting, no diplomats, no experts, no transparency. We learn about some of these meetings by way of the Russian press.

We know now that it is not true that Trump and his people had no contacts with Russian operatives — the count is at about 19 now. Three top Russian spy leaders, including one under sanctions, were here last week to meet with Pompeo and others.

We know Carter Page was involved in a suit pertaining to two Russian spies and was under surveillance because he was being recruited by Russians.

We know Trump can’t get loans from decent American banks and sought money from Russian ones. He was working on a Trump Tower deal in Russia during the campaign.

We know Russians hacked us and used info in order to disrupt elections and to disseminate disinformation. We know they bought ads on social media to do the same thing.

We know Trump keeps trying to eliminate sanctions on Russia and to stop enforcement of those sanctions.

We know Trump admires and listens to Putin and dictators.

We can see that Trump puts himself first and is desperately trying to keep us from finding out all the facts about his business and political dealing with Russia, even if that means tearing our government and nation apart.

When did we stop being afraid of communism? Why does that word not come up in all the discussions and distractions?

Although Joe McCarthy may have approved of the authoritarianism and divisiveness of Trump and Co., I bet all this Russian stuff has him rolling in his grave.

Carol Smith


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Check of Reality

Amazing the accusations and innuendos without any evidence of proof given in this letter. “We now know” –do we? Would charges not be filed by now if there was something after years of investigation? Was the man not supposed to do business prior to taking office, especially since he does business all over the world? Was any “disinformation” proven incorrect, such as a foreign campaign charity or now a fraudulent memo to a FISA Judge? Has Wiki Leaks been correct all along? I question again “We now know” as facts.

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