Mr. Schmit says ours is already a Communist government. Does he just want to bash Democrats, accept foreign interference in our elections and government, and throw out democracy? Is that why he seems unconcerned that Russia has an ongoing cyber-warfare, disinformation campaign via social media, and suspicious business dealings with top government officials that may have impacted our ability to have free and fair elections? His concerns about the communist planks seem overstated and strained. The point is: what are you prepared to do about it, besides blame others?

The NRA used to be widely respected as a gun and hunter safety organization. Instead it now focuses on using money to fund political campaigns. It may have funneled Russian influence money to do so. Is that democracy in action? Like many other organizations, it has become a political organization, perpetuating all kinds of paranoid and hateful propaganda.

No one wants to come and take all your guns away.

We want reasonable restriction, banning high capacity weapons that are designed to kill lots of people fast. Keep your hunting and other guns. We reasonably restrict driving with speed limits and have traffic rules to promote smooth flow and safety. We reasonably restrict airspace so commercial flights won’t be endangered by people playing with their drones. Arming more people just makes gun accidents more likely (they decrease when NRA people are all at their conventions talking). It is more likely that a family member will be killed accidentally by your gun at home that it will be used for defense. NRA wants to do what it wants without regard for the rights and safety of others. That is anarchy.

Really concerned about Communism? Take the cyber attacks and such seriously. Support our government in uncovering these attacks and defending against them. Support the prosecution of Russians, other foreign bad actors, and any Americans that have abetted. Educate yourself about the issues. That means consulting many news sources with many positions, not just accepting propaganda that supports your prejudices. Work to overturn Citizens United and to have free and fair elections.

Carol Smith


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Check of Reality

Obviously this person had not defended herself against multiple threats at the same time, such as a store invasion by gangs. Or against a tyrannical government that the 2nd amendment is there to protect so we have the 1st amendment of free speech. It’s not about hunting. I see, make the laws based on their personal needs or views, not others.

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