How are we in Wyoming and Albany County affected by Trumpcare?

—Nationally the CBO estimates that 11 million will lose Medicaid coverage and federal dollars for Medicaid are cut by 200 billion over the next 10 years.

Who in Wyoming is affected by Medicaid cuts?

—Wyoming has 88,725 people on Medicaid. Children under 18 receive 60 percent of Medicaid (54,345), low-income pregnant women (5,5l7) and disabled/institutionalized adults (12,431).

Who pays for Medicaid in Wyoming?

—Total cost for 2016 was $554,583,128 with state paying 44%, federal government 52 percent, others 4 percent.

Who gets Medicaid money under Trumpcare?

—Federal dollars will be allocated by per capita or block grants to states based on population (Wyoming at the bottom). The amount of money given to all 50 states over the next 10 years is estimated to cover one state (Florida) at existing levels.

What else is in the house healthcare bill?

—In addition to increased costs for seniors, limits on pre-existing conditions, and essential health benefits, other parts of the bill have not received much publicity, such as: State Licensed Sheltercare reductions (think Cathedral Home and Laramie Youth Crisis Center); cuts to tax credits for 7 million veterans eligible to receive healthcare in their homes (think driving to Cheyenne in Wyoming winter for care).

Who benefits from Trumpcare?

—House Joint Committee on Taxation estimates those making between $200,000 and $1 million per year will reap a 274 billion dollar tax savings over 10 years; those making over $1 million per year will save $157 billion over the same period.

—Young healthy adults between 26 and 55 will see savings by not being required to have healthcare insurance.

If I am concerned what can I do?

—Both Senators Enzi and Barrasso are on the committee working on house bill revisions. Write or call them. Pharmaceutical and healthcare corporations have spent 78 million dollars in the first three months of 2017 lobbying Congress — their voices will be heard. Will yours?

Jo-Carol Ropp


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