In the Sunday Boomerang concern was expressed about arming teachers in schools. Opinions were expressed about the dangers of having guns in the schools, how teachers might accidently shoot children, and about how police freeze and turn away.

Well first off you are too late. Arming school officials here in Wyoming was first debated in 2015 and in 2017 legislation was passed that “allowed” school officials to carry on school grounds. Wyoming is just one of several western states doing this. No teacher is forced to be armed but they are allowed to carry. No one honestly expected our teachers would go mad and shoot children. Unlike police officers our teachers interact with our children on a daily basis and they care for and love our children. As we saw in Florida, teachers put their lives on the line to protect their students and some paid the ultimate price. We may never know why those officers stood down in Florida, it could have been by orders from their politically motivated sheriff, we don’t know.

Many of our towns are not incorporated and do not have a city police force. These attacks last only minutes, we cannot wait for police. I assume that our police in Wyoming are better trained and are more familiar with their arms than officers in say New York City (NYC). Nothing against officers in NYC but they have grown up in a gun free environment with very little training required to qualify. NYC has so little confidence in their officers that they are issued pistols with heavy triggers in an effort to eliminate accidental discharges. It’s no wonder studies have shown that in NYC bystanders are frequently hit by police fire.

According to the anti-gun corporations more guns mean more death. Wyoming has the highest firearm ownership than any other state so why is it so peaceful here? So far the “No Guns Allowed” signs have not stopped these shooters so why is this the only answer? And no, an AR-15 rifle cannot fit in a back pack. Federal law limits the minimal dimensions for rifles.

Derek Mancinho


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