Here are a few observations about Sandra Werner’s latest gush fest on the wonders of Obamacare. First, Ms. Werner, it does not surprise me for one second that you enjoy having myself and other hardworking citizens pay for your health care. Second, it doesn’t surprise me for one second that you are so self-involved and myopic that you are unaware of the millions who have lost their choice of health care, lost their doctors and have skyrocketing premiums. What you need to do is walk yourself down to the local library, get on the computer and ask a librarian to help you research unfunded liabilities, free markets and Charlie Gard.

You complain about only two hours to contemplate the Republican health care bill, but apparently had no problem with the Democrats “pass it to find out what is in it” theory on Obamacare.

The Republicans wanted to defund Planned Parenthood because killing babies isn’t healthcare. Medicaid is not going to be defunded, that is simply not true.

I still to this day find it absolutely amazing that liberals have so much faith in government bureaucrats making their health care decisions. Why do you have so much trouble making your own decisions on what kind of health care you want and need?

Joseph Witt


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What a hypocrite Witt is. He accuses Werner of wanting hardworking people to pay for her healthcare (and he includes himself as one of those hard working people). Yet, Witt is 75 and uses Medicare, which hardworking people are helping to pay for. Hypocrite!

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