In the wake of the horrific killings in Las Vegas and all mass gun murders, I am sharing the following terrific suggestions to stop the madness. (The idea for the following analogy came from an anonymous Instagram post.)

Let’s regulate guns the way we regulate abortion.

1. Any man wanting to purchase a gun must go through a 48-hour waiting period.

2. He must have the consent of his partner.

3. If he is under 18 he must have written permission from his parents or a judge will decide. A note from his doctor would also be mandatory.

4. Close all gun shops except for one in every single state. If not convenient, the man must travel hundreds of miles to the closest state where he may purchase a gun, followed by another 24-hours (just to be safe) waiting period so he can be absolutely sure he knows exactly what he is doing. He must take time off work for this, and have the cash to stay overnight in a strange town — on top of travel expenses.

5. Treat him to a mandatory wand ultrasound (use your imagination), just because.

6. Make him listen to the sound of guns and watch explicit videos of gun violence.

7. To enter the gun shop, he must fight his way through a crowd of people holding photos of loved ones who were shot to death, screaming “Murderer!” at him, and begging him not to buy a gun.

8. He must undergo counseling immediately before the purchase proving he knows what he’s about to do.

9. Open phony gun shops where, thinking he can purchase a gun, a man will instead be bombarded by church volunteers trying to talk, scare and guilt him out of it.

10. Shut down all stores that sell guns, even if they do sell mostly medicine, food and clothing to low-income men.

In this country, guns and abortions are legal, but only uteruses are regulated. Enough is enough. Write your representatives.

Sandra Werner


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Darcy Gardiner


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