In keeping with the nutty claim that NASA lists “…every scientific body in the world, all 230 of them.”, Pete Kuntz faithfully regurgitates the Gore/Obama-sponsored AGW false narrative promulgated by the various federally-funded agencies and the many other trickle-down financial beneficiary organizations and individuals. The one thing Pete left out of his screed was a response to my continuing singular challenge to him and to anyone to provide empirical evidence supporting the AGW hypothesis. As with all other responders to my letters, he doesn’t provide evidence because it doesn’t exist. He is a totally committed AGW true believer and there is nothing that will convert him, not even the impending global cooling cycle. Trump’s EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, is in the process of scheduling a red/blue debate on the AGW issue. I think it very likely the AGW advocates won’t show up - they know they will lose, veritas always ultimately prevails!

Eugene Watson


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Royal Coachman

I'm afraid I must give this letter a B. To push yourself into the A category, please consider mentioning Hillary Clinton and Benghazi. Details matter!

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