To the Laramie community,

On Sunday, Sept. 24, Interfaith-Good Samaritan—in coordination with The Laramie Ministerial Association—will be sponsoring “Fill the Shelves at Interfaith.” This community-wide event encourages members of churches, religious organizations, and faith communities to join together in an ecumenical spirit of helping our friends and neighbors who need sustenance.

In March, at our first attempt at a community-wide event for religious organizations to contribute non-perishable food, seven religious organizations responded by bringing in 1200 pounds of food to the Interfaith pantry. This was a great show of support and solidarity to our neighbors. Many of our fellow residents of Laramie and Albany County need help in providing their families with the necessities of daily life. Each day last month, we distributed over 800 pounds of food to people in emergency situations! Over the last year, Interfaith has provided food for over 300,000 meals.

You do not need to be a member of a church or religious organization to help the folks who need the food pantry at Interfaith. You may donate food, money or your time at Interfaith. Your help means that we can help those in dire circumstances. When you donate food, more of our monetary donations and grant assistance can go directly to client services, for Interfaith helps families with much more than the food pantry. Financial help with rent, utilities, medical and dental expenses, gas vouchers, bus tickets, and more are available at Interfaith. Last month, over 200 new clients came to Interfaith and this number is constantly growing.

“Fill the Shelves at Interfaith” will be held Sunday, September 24th, from 11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. Food and monetary donations can be brought to the Interfaith offices at 710 East Garfield—the southeast corner of the Laramie Plains Civic Center. For more information, call the Interfaith office at 742-4240.

Here’s the challenge: What if each church or religious organization brought in 800 lbs of food—enough to cover one day’s output from the Interfaith pantry? That would truly be amazing!

Most Sincerely,

Mike Vercauteren, executive director of Interfaith-Good Samaritan

Susan Sandeen, president of the Board of Directors


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