Dear Editor:

I have been studying atmospheric processes since the early 1970s.

During that time, several findings led to regulation changes and international negotiations and agreements. One was that industrial effluents can cause harmful changes in lake chemistry. In another, human-released chemicals can destroy the high-altitude ozone that helps shield us and other life-forms from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

In the last few decades we have verified that human-emitted carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion is causing global climate change, including atmospheric and oceanic warming, ocean acidification, and glacial reduction. Concerted, cooperative human actions can slow, stop, and even reduce these changes.

President Trump and members of his administration have made negative public statements and are currently working on budget reductions for agencies such as NOAA and the EPA that study, regulate, and maintain extensive data on such environmental effects. The statements and actions by the administration are irresponsible and must be resisted as we strive to be caring members of our local, regional, and global environments.

I encourage you to contact the Wyoming US senators and representative and ask them to resist these moves.

Robert D. Kelly


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