First let me say that the covering of University concerns and sports on all levels by the Boomerang is awesome and as far as I know up to date and correct. However I have some major concerns regarding recant articles. The Nazi flag is not newsworthy if all it does is give notoriety to an unknown bad behaving person of unknown, age, gender, race who should disregarded. Why do you continually hang on to re reporting on news from the past, i.e. Matthew Shepard, some things are obviously painful to not only family and the community. Not every news worthy event has to be sensational or controversial.

I am writing to express my concern for the fact that the Albany County Fair has been totally ignored by the Boomerang. It is a very positive influence for young people and adults in the county. There are hundreds of items on display as the summation of a year’s hard work. It should be worthy of some reporting, pictures and an article encouraging public attendance. This includes merchants in the entire county who spend thousands of dollars for support the young people involved through the livestock sale held at the end of the week. This is a yearly event that has been existence for many years but it has an ongoing influence good on many generations and lots of new members of 4-H and FFA whose adult leaders spent their whole careers mentoring them.

In closing please note this is only one of the many positive events that to date you are ignoring.

Thank you,

Janet Talbott


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Yes! What happened to covering Albany County Fair and showing great young people with awards.

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