Before the elections here are some questions to ask yourself about the last two years:

Is American more respected? Is America safer from external threats, like nuclear war? Is America safer from internal threats like mass shooting and hate crimes? Are our alliances stronger, or are our enemies?

Is your health care better? Are your pre-existing conditions protected? Is your job more secure? Is your retirement more secure? Has the national deficit decreased?

Is the environment, and therefore our food, water and health, safer?

Are our communications safer? How about our power grid?

Are we more unified as Americans, or are we more divided? Are we more understanding or more stuck in prejudices? Are we more compassionate? Do we take care of our children, the sick, and the elderly better? Are we better informed, or just addicted to outlets that fuel our preconceptions? Are we kinder or more hateful, hopeful or more fearful, open to learning or willfully ignorant of what we don’t want to know or understand?

What kind of America do you want for yourselves and your children?

You can make that vision come closer by getting out vote.

Carol Smith, Laramie

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Ms. Smith, You omitted the most relevant and important question. Do you, as a voter, want to put the political party in power that supports the migrant invasion of America? After all, no borders = no country.

wyo is home

Clipper, you have been wrong so many times before (ebola?). Turn off Fox news and quit with the scare tactics. That this is your main issue says so much about you.


Scare tactics are what Smith's letter is full of. A shame you're too dense to see that.


Clipper. Scare tactics? Really? You must be thinking about Trump. The most important question is whether our democracy is stronger or weaker. Trump has worked to dissolve the separation of powers, the system of checks and balances, the Independence of the judiciary, and the power of a free press to provide needed reality checks. Do you ever fact check Trump? Are you not aware of his propensity for lying every chance he gets? How can you trust someone who lies and cheats to get what he wants? Jobs, ask Harley-Davidson about that? Invasion? Women and children escaping oppressive, murderous regimes? Why isn't Trump working with other nations to bring sanctions and other actions against those regimes and punishing the REFUGEES instead?

Try facts for a change. Trudeau, a real statesman, said that his father taught him to trust the Canadian people, presumably with the truth and their judgment. Trump doesn't trust Americans so panders to the base with anything that will keep them riled up and scared and believing he is their savior.

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