To the editor of the Laramie Boomerang:

About 10 years ago I suited up in a Wyoming Cowgirls basketball uniform, alongside my teammates, in front of a sold-out crowd of over 15,000 fans at the Arena Auditorium to play in the championship game of the Women’s National Invitation Tournament. I will never forget, or fail to appreciate, the rare opportunity I had to play in front of that many fans, and how, as a female athlete, I was able to experience what many male athletes experience routinely. My experience was not taken for granted because, a little over a year prior, in the same Arena Auditorium, I played in my first game as a Cowgirl in front of 600 fans. Despite the same dedication and demands it takes to be an athlete, females must accept that their pursuits are not as worthy as their male counterparts.

In the Boomerang’s 2017 Sports Story of the Year article in the December 31st edition, this theme seemed to be the case. I noticed only two of the top ten sport stories highlighted female athletic feats. Additionally, one of those stories was about an injury, not an achievement. I am not sure who is voting or making nominations, but I am disappointed more female sports stories were not mentioned or celebrated. Recently, a statue was erected next to the University of Wyoming Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center symbolizing and commending the achievements of women in the Equality State. This “Breaking Through” statue brings a sense of pride to our community, university, and state. As a Wyomingite, woman, and past athlete, I ask that the Boomerang help endorse this important message of equality by reporting on and celebrating men’s and women’s sports equally.


Megan McGuffey Skinner


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