First of all, no matter what controversy that surrounds the new Kenny Sailors statue, I feel the statue itself is excellent. What is not good is the room’s design that houses the statue. The statue is way too tall for the size of the small room that is supposedly designed to view the statue. To get a proper perspective of the artwork, one needs to be much further away, really, outside the building. The size and the design of the room is very inadequate and poorly thought out.

It is nice that finally, albeit after his death, Kenny Sailors is being honored and recognized for his greatness. Kenny should be in the Naismith Hall of Fame. The only reason he is not is due to either poor promotion or total lack of promotion by the university’s athletic department. An obvious tool to promote the great man would have been to name the University of Wyoming basketball court “Kenny Sailors’ Court.” Then, every time UW plays a game on TV, outsiders might ask, “Who was Kenny Sailors?” We could proudly answer, “Kenny was a great All American, leader of Wyoming’s only National Championship in basketball, and widely credited for inventing the jump shot.” As it stands now, when people ask, “Who is Maurie Brown,” we regrettably must reply, “He’s rich guy.”

Universities everywhere name their basketball courts after great contributors. In the Mountain West Conference, we have Steve Fisher Court at San Diego State, Tarkanian Court at UNLV, and at CSU, the football field is named Sonny Lubick Field. Not at Wyoming, we name our courts after donors. With all due respect to Mr. Brown, he could have been honored in some other way. The late Bill Campbell donated millions to the university’s athletic department, demanding nothing in the way of recognition. He did it because he loved Wyoming athletics.

Mike Scott


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Very good points.

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