Boomerang’s football coverage dwarfs other athletics

In response to Friday’s article on State Football Championships, titled “Blazing A New Trail” by Scott Nulph, am I deeply concerned with the direction our society is taking in the field of athletics.

I have noticed that the Boomerang does little to recognize other sports to the level that they do for football. I would like to point out that Torrington football is in fact not a part of Laramie athletics.

Therefore, the issue is arguably not relevant enough to include a rather lengthy article in Friday’s paper. Also, not only was 3A football given an entire page, but 2A as well. Sadly enough, the success that the Lady Plainsmen Swimming and Diving team had at the 4A State Championships was rather reduced compared to the two football articles included in Friday’s issue.

The conflict behind this is however much more troubling than the size of the article. Football is known to be a sport with high risks for severe bodily injuries that can become life-long, and also is a major conductor for concussions.

So why do we promote it on such a large scale, when we have scientific proof that football is overall destructive to the human body? That is beyond me. Not only is football dangerous, but does it give boys many more athletic opportunities than girls. We all know that there is an alarming wage gap between the sexes in sports, and football just being an exclusively male sport makes the inequality entirely more alarming.

Even when females prevail in athletic excellence are they still reduced to their gender. This might not seem so obvious, but it is indeed true. We need to be more conscientious about what we are promoting in our local newspaper, especially when the material is targeted towards young, high school athletes.

Heidi Schroeder


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