Dear Editor,

Full disclosure: I am the new Vice Chair of the Albany County Republican Party. I work closely with Mr. McKay, the new Chair. I did not participate in the article posted today, March 15, by Joel Funk on the new elected officials. I did not see the article until I read the paper on March 15. After reading the article, though, one this is clear: the Republican Party has the positive message.

The Democrat Party is the angry one. Ms. Greller stated her party is angry often enough that Mr. Funk separated that section with the title, “Angry are the Democrats”.

Republicans are optimistic, not just about our future, but our messaging. Ours is a message of promise. We wish to bring everyone up, no matter which aspect we can look to differentiate us as people. Everyone deserves a chance, and our policy aims look to do exactly that without making a point of our differences.

As Mr. McKay says, “It’s my hope and ambition that our activities engage people across the political spectrum.” When Ms. Greller says, “There is a lot of excitement and interest. And it’s not always good excitement — we’re angry. But there is a lot of that out here,” She means it: they are angry. No, it’s not good excitement, it’s destructive. It divides and does not unite.

Her words about uniting are about uniting the Democrat party, not the community. They indicate nothing different than continuing to pursue policies that pull us apart and pushing an angry agenda bent on taking down Trump. There’s no hope there.

To contrast the two, Republicans offer an inclusive and optimistic message; Democrats show anger. To me, the contrast in these two messages, one reaching out and the other based on anger, speaks volumes. And that is the reason I believe the conservative, Republican message is the stronger, and why I have chosen to get involved. I am confident in it and in its ability to lift everyone up, not just a few. It, unlike the Democrat’s message, offers true hope.

Michael J. Pearce


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