Sitting with a friend the other night discussing politics, my friend brought up that she had received a postcard from Jessica (Stalder). She asked if I knew her. When I replied yes, my friend asked me what I thought about her.

I smiled and my reply was this, “I love Jessica. She is full of integrity, she is passionate, honest and hard working. She strives for greatness and does not accept anything less. She works hard to make sure the people around her are well taken care of and happy. She is genuine, in everything she does. She is full of wonderful idea for progress, all with the community’s wellbeing in mind. She is honest and tells you things like they are, especially when you need to hear it the most. However, her criticism is never out of anger, just filled with her drive to also help you strive for greatness. She is so passionate about helping others become the best that they can be. I think the city of Laramie would be lucky to have her on the city council. I cannot wait to see all the changes she will bring.”

I finished this conversation with, “People like her is the reason I vote, for the wellbeing of my community and life.”

As a resident of West Laramie, in Ward 1, I love seeing Jessica’s take on infrastructure as it is something that does suffer in West Laramie. I think a lot of people would agree with that. There is a road problem, there is also a landscaping issue. I do understand that we chose to live on the West Side, but why should it receive any less maintenance than the rest of the town. That is just one of the issues Jessica is talking about and advocating to fix. When it comes to your right to vote, remember to think about your ideal leader and the qualities you would want them to have.

Thank you and remember to vote on Nov. 6, 2018.

Kaitlyn Reed-Mercer, Laramie

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