To the Editor:

It was disappointing to read in the Nov. 3 Boomerang that the group Wyoming Promise was unable to gather enough signatures for a legislative push against Citizens United, the ruling that allows big money corporate donors to overly influence our elections.

On an optimistic note, Wyoming voters were successful in the primaries when they refused to be influenced by governor candidate Friess’ $1.1 million campaign. Mr. Friess continually stated that by spending his own money, he could not be bought, though it looked to me like he was trying to buy us, and we didn’t bite.

Wyoming voters know that just because a candidate spends the most money to buy the most commercials, however professionally done, does not mean they are the best choice for our state. Now the big spender is John Barrasso, a senator who supports and stands with a dangerous president who incites hate with every ignorant statement and tweet while eroding critical protections for the health and welfare of our people and our planet.

Wyoming doesn’t like bullies and like it or not, this midterm election is a referendum against the president and those who refuse to stand up against his unhelpful, divisive rhetoric. Wyoming voters can’t be bought, Barrasso does not deserve another term and Trump needs to be muzzled now.

Lee Peerce, Laramie

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I explained to him how misguided the petition was when he approached me for a signature at the Washington Park 7/4 celebration. I told him if he comes up with an Abolish the Federal Reserve petition (the root cause of the problem) I'd sign in bold.

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