Open letter to Foster Friess and Sam Galeotos:


I see that you are supporters of Donald Trump and wonder why you would associate your good names with a racist? Have you not heard him call black Americans dumb (Don Lemon and LeBron James) or sons of bitches (NFL players) or low IQ (over and over about Senator Maxine Waters) or not American (Barack Obama)? He and his father are known to have blocked minorities from occupying their properties. Besides African Americans, he mocked a disabled reporter, denigrates all immigrants, women, Mexicans, Muslims and now, the media, an entity so critically important to any democracy where truth matters.

You speak of Wyoming values while the president only seems to value his own ego, hiding his ignorance behind his divisive rhetoric, his raging and his uncontrolled Twitter finger. These are not the ways of a leader; only a bully.

He has no interest in working with congress. He has no interest in surrounding himself with those experienced enough to advise him since he has zero experience in government. He lies because he can’t remember what he said five minutes ago. He is like a teenager constantly making up stuff to support his bad behavior. He’s an embarrassment to most of us in America and a joke around the world.

I’ve only lived in Wyoming for forty-five years so maybe I’m missing something here. I’ve always found my fellow citizens to be kind, well mannered, respectful, intelligent and tolerant. DT is none of these and your support of him makes me question your values and character too.

Lee Peerce


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