Why is first response from law enforcement lethal force?

Dear Albany County Sheriff’s Office:

I have PTSD and bipolar disorder. PLEASE DON’T SHOOT ME!

I am writing to demand a full, TRANSPARENT investigation of the MURDER - for shooting someone in the back is nothing short of murder, of Robbie Ramirez, Laramie resident. Part of this process will be a complete, PUBLIC review of the hiring, training and screening practices of the department.

On another note, I’m sure that we’re going to hear that this deputy “feared for his life.” Note to all law enforcement officers: If you’re so afraid, you shouldn’t be in law enforcement. The last thing we need are a bunch of cowards running around in uniforms with guns. Your vehicles used to say to “protect and to serve.” Just a reminder, that means that you’re supposed to protect and serve US, not the other way around. Can someone please explain to me why the first response from law enforcement is lethal force?

And finally, shame on all of us for not taking better care of our neighbors. I was acquainted with Mr. Ramirez, and I will mourn him come this Sunday. That is not enough. If we had mental health care training for police, mourning wouldn’t be necessary (not just in this deadly interaction, but for the initial one that created Robbie’s fear). Until we start treating mental illness just as any other condition, we will continue to see senseless police murders. We need to have an EMT mental health response team, just like paramedics, that are dispatched in these incidents. Not untrained, fearful, trigger-happy police that aren’t from Laramie with no knowledge of the community’s members and culture.

Stop being so afraid.

J. David Nichols, Laramie

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The police officer is from Laramie. He went to high school here. Suggesting that that the problem is because he isn't from here is ludicrous. The culture in Laramie is perfect for bullying.


I respectfully disagree. Just look around, lawlessness from government employees is tolerated throughout the U.S. especially in D.C.

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