Late August, a crew of road re-surfacers began a job on Fort Sanders Road. They swept then put down hot tar, bead size gravel was put down, followed by a rubber tire roller; later a sweeper came, sweeping some of the loose gravel off the road, with more sweeping for hours.

This gravel went onto the side, where grass grows and where cars are parked. Now, days later, there are shallow grooves in the road bed. But in the center of the road is a hump and lots of loose gravel. Now winter is on the way snow will be on that loose gravel, the snow plow swill pick up the snow and gravel sending it flying into cars that are parked in their yard. Snow plows send snow flying some 25-30 feet from the road. How much did this cost and why was it done when there are county roads that need the repair so much more such as Fort Buford?

Carl Meloche


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