To the editor,

I would like to ask the current candidates running for County Commission how many commission meeting have any of you ever attended just for research to investigate what actually happens at a County Commission meeting, for that matter have any of you even read the Albany County Plan? What about a Planning and Zoning meeting? Budget meeting? I have from my view never seen any of you running against the incumbents at a meeting unless you were on the agenda. How can any of you on either side of the aisle ask us County voters for our votes if you do not really know what the job description is?

Our current commissioners I know for a fact spent hours attending meeting before they announced their desire to run for these seats. I have not been in this county for a long time, but I have learned from those whom have lived here for a long time, that we may have the best line up now we have had in decades. We cannot agree with everything anyone does or tries to present to the voters of any county. But we can be happy with progress when we experience it from the changes put forth by the current Commission. I hope that one of you running for these important seats think about the fact you may not know the job you are applying for. I would also like to say our County may have some of the best elected line up of officials in the State.

Mike and Kathleen McShane


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