While CO2 was discovered to produce a greenhouse effect ages ago, we seem to be ignoring other gasses. An internet search for a list of the top 5 greenhouse gases found no consensus and most sites left off the most important greenhouse gas…..water vapor! We can feel the effect of water vapor on winter nights with or without cloud cover. The effect of water vapor is direct and instant but we are repeatedly told that the problem is CO2 which has supposedly caused a shocking ½ a degree rise in average global temperature in the last 100 to 150 years? I guess it’s just easier to blame and tax energy.

Just computing the average temperature of the earth on a single day is a major feat but claiming a ½ degree rise in a century or more is pure fantasy and cannot be proved with any level of mathematical certainty. Eliminating fossil fuels (natural gas, oil, coal) will send all but the elite back to the dark ages. Wind turbines and solar panels cannot fill the gap because AC power cannot be stored and is lost through long transmission lines.

Al Gore’s first movie produced charts that when overlapped only illustrated a relationship between CO2 and temperature. Upon close examination it is apparent that in most cases CO2 levels rose after temperatures rose! It is not scientific to reverse cause and effect. Where is all the flooding that Al claimed? Oh yes NYC flooded but it is dishonest of Al to claim a storm surge proved his theory. Al has profited well by playing us!

Politicians granted themselves immunity when it comes to profiting from insider knowledge, passing legislation, or grants to enrich their family businesses. Government funding businesses that they favor is the very definition of socialism. In many ways our country is almost there.

Derek Mancinho


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