Dear Editor:

The front page article in the Laramie Boomerang dated May 6, 2017 concerning Laramie’s Rifle Range appeared to have several discrepancies. Currently, the new president of the Laramie Rifle Range is none other than Laramie’s City Councilor, Bryan Shuster. The City Council’s liason to the LRR is once again Bryan Shuster. Mr. Shuster receives payment for serving in both positions. Apparently, the council doesn’t see this conflict.

Recently, a motion was made at the LRR meeting to eliminate the salary of the LRR board members. Bryan Shuster would not provide so much as a second to the motion. If he were asked about that, he probably would not be able to remember the motion (how convenient) or state that he misspoke.

I was present when the previous LRR president was told by a Laramie police officer that he was “about to commit a crime”. Yet, again conveniently, Mr. Shuster isn’t able to remember that. The officer who commanded the former president to sit down just happens to be the secretary of the LRR. It is yet another convenience that this abhorrent, possible criminal action was omitted in the minutes of the meeting. Could this be another conflict, by chance?

According to Mr. Shuster in the Boomerang article of May 6, 2017, he is not involved or pursuing legal action against any range member. However, the minutes of May 1, 2017, LRR executive board meeting reflect Mr. Shuster making the motion to move to executive session; Mr. Shuster then voted to discuss the mechanism to revoke membership of a LRR member and subsequently Mr. Shuster made a motion to have the matter reviewed by an attorney. A copy of these minutes has been provided to the Laramie Boomerang.

The LRR will elect new executive board members in July. We need a board who will promote shooting sports rather than focus on revoking memberships.

Tim Hale


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