If you or anyone you know and love ever has had a serious illness, then consider the candidates you vote for.

The League of Women Voters’ 2018 Voter Guide – a helpful resource on a variety of issues - asked the candidates for Wyoming governor a health care question, and the answers are telling (check out wyominglwv.org).

Both Mary Throne (Democrat) and Lawrence Struempf (Libertarian) provided the sensible answer: Expand Medicaid.

Medicaid expansion would create at least 600 jobs, stabilize and strengthen our rural hospitals, and help thousands of Wyomingites get the care and medications they need to stay out of the emergency room.

Even if you already have health insurance, Medicaid expansion benefits you by reducing the cost-shifting that results when the costs of care for the uninsured are shifted onto the insured, thereby driving up costs and premiums.

Mark Gordon (Republican) offered a word salad about “… having options in place for those who are unable to get insurance” without any hint of what these options might be. Although he also said that access to health care is one of his “top priorities,” it’s not even listed under “issues” on his campaign website.

Here’s what Larry Levitt of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation has to say about the deceitful legislation co-sponsored by Senator John Barrasso, that supposedly protects those with pre-existing conditions: “… insurers would have to cover people with preexisting conditions, they just wouldn’t have to cover the conditions themselves. That would make coverage of preexisting conditions something of a mirage.” Yup.

On the other hand, his opponent, Gary Trauner, says: “Every American should have the type of excellent health care insurance options available today to Members of Congress.” His specific proposals, emphasizing the moral imperative of providing health care as well as the financial benefits to business competitiveness, can be found on his website at traunerforwy.com.

Vote like it matters, because it does.

Sarah Gorin, Laramie

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A screed full of false premises and soundbites. Poor effort ms. gorin.

Check of Reality

So how has that Medicaid expansion been working out for the states that did? Example, CO did and now the Medicaid spending is approaching the school spending or taking needed money from schools, roads, etc. Expanison means sgtqates eventually have to pay else drop people. As they say, follow the money.

Check of Reality

"sgtqates" should be "states" (taxPAYER money)

Check of Reality

correction, should be "r8ght" not "fight", as posted

Lee Peerce

As long as government refuses to intervene with the chokehold that insurance companies and big pharma have on citizens, people will continue to go bankrupt or clog the ER system causing higher rates for everyone. It's wrong for Wyo legislators to stand between us the Medicaid we need and deserve. Voting blue all the way. Thank you Sarah.

Check of Reality

Interesting someone feels they "deserve" or have a fight instead of a responsibility for their own heal care. Venezuela, Cuba offers what maybe they desired. How's the MRI access in Canada, and among different providence's? Knee replacements?

Check of Reality

correction, should be "r8ght" not "fight", as posted


"It's wrong for Wyo legislators to stand between us the Medicaid we need and deserve." I'm interested in why you think you deserve someone else's labor. That would be slavery by any definition.

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