Administration right to consider birth sex as defining gender

I am responding to a letter in the Boomerang that dealt with transgendered individuals. The article stated that the government shouldn’t try to define sex as male and female according to their biology. This is just another example of emotions over thoughtful considerations.

People CAN live their lives freely in this country no matter what their sexual orientation/identification is. No one is going to break into someone’s house and harass them. No LBGTQ person will go to jail for living their daily lives.

As intelligent human beings, we have observed that life on planet earth comes in two sexes: male and female. This includes animals and plants. Title IX insures that a person’s sex will not be used to discriminate against them in federally subsidized sports or programs. The issue is with transgendered people and in which sex category they belong.

Recently, I watched an interview with a competitive cyclist that brought up the issue of transgendered females having an unfair advantage due to the physiological attributes from their former male gender: muscle mass, bone density, lung capacity.

A women’s shelter, Hope House, in Alaska is being sued for rejecting a trans woman. The shelter houses abused and neglected women who are in a fragile state. The trans woman was recognizable as a biological male. The women felt uncomfortable with a transgendering male staying at the shelter.

This is a very complicated and sensitive issue, but sane people understand why the government wants to use birth sex as an indicator of males and females. With some people claiming there are more than 70 genders, no wonder there’s a vested interest in using objective biology.

So calling this administration moronic and hateful for tackling the transgender issue is just foolish. (Transgender men and women consist of 0.6 percent of the population.) The “You will be met” statement implies more confrontation and harassment that has been the left’s tactic to attack a duly elected president, cabinet members, and others. I would encourage the writer to stop this hateful rhetoric about the Trump administration and help with the solution instead.

Jean Brown, Laramie

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