Dear editor,

I was saddened to hear of the death of Carol McKee. In 1983 six Laramie women banded together to create Laramie’s first Hospice. These founders were Barbara Goetz, Betty Myer, Marian Gruenfelder, Lula Mae Kuhn, Pat Grandy and Carol McKee. They were influenced by the work of Dr. Cicely Saunders in London who, in 1967, had established the world’s first Hospice.

For several years Laramie’s Hospice relied solely on volunteers. First housed in space above the old senior center at First and Ivinson, the office later moved to a building at 26th and Grand. Continuing growth led to movement to the basement of the Oddfellows building on 21st St., then to the Civic Center at Eighth and Garfield and, in 1999, to the building in Binford Square designed and built by Hospice. Now, of course, Laramie’s Hospice is in the beautiful new facility on Centennial Drive.

I came to know Carol McKee during the several years that she served as Director of Nursing for Laramie’s Hospice while I served on its Board of Directors. She was an accomplished, compassionate nurse who taught me a great deal. Her steadfast dedication to the Hospice ideals helped steer our organization through the challenges of relentless growth.

Carol was a wonderful human being, and I know she will be missed.

William Bennett, MD

Bozeman, Montana

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