Dear Editor,

The Boomerang published a very disturbing column today by Susan Stamper Brown. In this column she targets those who question the mental stability of President Trump.

Without trying to summarize her strange accusations, I will reference the last paragraph, in which she says that those who believe Trump is unfit for office “claim there are 67 genders, see Russian bogeymen around every corner, boo God at their national convention, believe in global warming, sexually assault each other, idolize Che Guevara and shamefully stigmatize mental health issues to score political points.”

I will point out that many people of both political parties question the President’s fitness for his job, and for good reason. In fact, it is the duty of an informed electorate to pose these kind of questions, just as it is the duty of journalists to report such serious topics.

Certainly as Editor you will value diversity of opinions of columnists, and will present opposing views. However, this columnist steps outside any reasonable bounds of political discourse into some very strange and hate-filled rants.

Your newspaper published this column and thereby offers this columnist legitimacy. I would suggest that you exercise greater editorial discretion in the future, because otherwise the Boomerang is just a waste of paper.

Jennifer Benkman


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