It seems that there is a new policy in Albany County by which land owners can add county property to their private property simply by asking. My property is adjacent to a public easement that runs from Bill Nye Road to Snowy View Road in Sherman Hills. Horseback riders, joggers, bicyclists, and others have used this easement as a way to avoid a stretch of Pilot Peak Road on which drivers often exceed the speed limit. This easement has been open to public use for at least as long as we have lived in our house, 17.5 years.

The public access to this land may soon be terminated. The landowners adjacent to this easement have decided that they want to add the easement to their private property and exclude anyone from using it. My husband and I live among these land owners. Our objection to this land grab has been ignored by the other land owners.

I want other Albany County citizens to realize that valuable public access may be taken from them if this becomes common practice.

Please contact the County Commissioners and County Planning Office if you are concerned about this alarming precedent.

Lorraine Barrows


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I would do your homework and dine out how iron clad this easement is, if it exists at all.

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