Recently there was an article and several mentions in the Boomerang regarding a gathering slated for the Alice Hardie Stevens Center. The communication was not spot on...

The facts:

— Four conservatives were in attendance not a was a gathering of the like-minded

— It was opportunity for media attention to further the Trump resistance;

— It was admittedly organized by the groups “Indivisible” and “Forward Wyoming,”

— It claimed to be a nonpartisan event.

Nonpartisan as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is “not supporting one political party or group over another. Free from party affiliation, bias or designation.

Was it a well intentioned, meaningful, nonpartisan event? Well intentioned? Perhaps. Some seemed open and pleased that we were there and spoke. Others glared at us. Everyone was courteous.

Meaningful? I don’t think so. It brought nothing new to the table for discussion. The usual platitudes and complaints were offered — nothing new came up.

Nonpartisan? No. While the organizers claim to have no direct ties to a political party it was far from the right. It was not free from party bias, and Ryan Greene came to speak at the end. I doubt any Republican was invited to speak at the end.

Wyoming’s Congressional Delegation was invited to attend. Did party organizers check dates with any of them first?

Dee Bott


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Check of Reality
Check of Reality

Thanks for bringing attention and reality about the meeting. The meeting's reporting was obviously not accurate by many sources. Maybe some losers want to tell representatives how to govern instead of giving input for improvements and topics of compromise? Your observation of representative scheduling was priceless for the reality.

Brett Glass
Brett Glass

As an independent voter, I find this letter amusing. Were the Republican party not comprised of zombies, they would have been out in force as well, protesting their so-called representatives' blind partisanship and utter lack of concern for their welfare. And the Democrats who attended -- while I am sure they had fun -- were participating in a completely pointless and ineffectual activity. Barrasso, Enzi, and Cheney have no need to listen; because they have "R" next to their names they effectively have tenure until they choose to retire. Unless Wyomingites wise up and vote for a candidate who actually represents their interests.

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