I consider myself to be more an Independent, political wise, than either a Democrat or Republican; but in the last election, I sided with the Democrat and voted likewise. I had several reasons for supporting Hillary Clinton, but at least one reason I did not vote for Mr. Trump was for suspecting that his campaign was eliciting support from Russia. Given Mr. Trump’s apparent siding with Mr. Putin of Russia, I suspected that is how he would act as president too.

And then, as President Trump, he names as his Secretary of State a man who had “colluded” with Russia as a CEO of an American oil company (Exxon) to engineer a huge profit venture. I am not saying his Secretary of State had no right to “collude” with a Russian oil company to profit from such a venture, but how does it make any sense to name one who is “in bed with the Russians” to be your Secretary of State?

I have nothing personal against that Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, but it stands to reason he has an awful lot to gain to be in the saddle when riding out to deal with Russia in any way. How obvious can an issue of “conflict of interest” be? And yet, it seems, the Republican Party had no problem with confirming Mr. Tillerson as Secretary of State - and it has no problem with Russian involvement in our prior elections - and seems to have no problem with Russia continuing to interfere in future elections.

What is going on there between “The Republicans” and Russia? That I would like to know. It seems that “The Republicans” see no problem with Russian support in our election of last year and see no problem with their continued support in future elections. I do not know what to make of all this “apparent conflict of interest” behavior, but I do hope the Mueller Investigation finds some answers. If “The Republicans” have nothing to hide, let them stop trying to interfere and maybe even halt Mueller’s probe. I will leave it at that.

Thanks for listening!

Francis William Bessler


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