Fun and Practical Holiday Gifts for Gardeners of All Levels

Gift an indoor garden kit to make year-round gardening easy.

(StatePoint) The holiday season is a great opportunity to give those with green thumbs the tools they need to support their hobby.

Here are a few thoughtful gift ideas to make the holidays brighter for the gardeners you love.

Handy Items

Every gardener needs top-notch tools to make regular tasks more comfortable and convenient. For example, pruning is no fun with shears that are rusted or hard to handle. To upgrade your gift recipient’s gardening tool box, look for a rust-resistant stainless steel blade and a no-slip rubber grip. For safety, the shears should be able to lock into place when not in use.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

When there’s a chill in the air, consider focusing your attention on gardening gifts that can be used indoors. One unique gift for a gardener of any level is an indoor garden kit, such as those from the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden line of gardens.

Hydroponic gardens like the AeroGarden grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers in water, not soil.  And they actually grow five times faster than soil gardens. Automated LED lights and reminders to add water make growing fun for seasoned gardeners and easy for even those with no gardening experience.

Well-suited for a kitchen countertop -- this is a safe, healthy and easy way to grow fresh herbs and vegetables year-round. To learn more visit

Enjoy the Results

Half the fun of gardening is reaping the benefits of one’s labor. Help gardeners turn their harvest into something delicious. An herb chopper makes a great stocking stuffer. To speed up herb preparation and help gardeners avoid bruising the leaves they worked so hard to grow, look for one with multiple rounded blades.

Another great gift for herb and vegetable gardeners is a salad dressing maker that has pre-marked settings for oil, vinegar and herbs, which can take the guess work out of meal preparation during busy week nights.

With a few creative ideas, it’s easy to make a gardener smile this holiday season.

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