Cowgirl Fitness offers women a place to exercise without worrying about the other people in the gym, Cowgirl Fitness co-owner Perri Forest said.

“There’s no other place in town that offers this,” Forest said. “Women of all shapes and sizes can come in 24/7 for circuit training and cardio.”

The women-only membership gym was opened March 1 at 154 N. Second St. by Forest, a Laramie native, and Cowgirl Fitness co-owner Laurie Edwards, who’s spent the last 48 years in Laramie.

“We’re seeing some interest from women with families,” Edwards said. “The gyms close early, earlier than they can exercise.”

While Laramie Fitness is open until midnight, Edwards said Cowgirl Fitness caters to a clientele that might not feel comfortable in the average gym environment.

The company’s motto is “Your life, your body, no judgment.”

“There’s people with issues that don’t want to be around other people, so they can come here and be by themselves or around very few people,” Forest said. “That’s easier for them.”

The gym is also a quiet, self-paced environment for older people who might not normally participate in fitness classes because of high-paced lessons, Edwards said.

“It’s more relaxed for people who are body conscious,” Forest said. “It’s easier for the older women, myself included. You’re not jumping around and stuff. It’s more of a controlled, do-as-you-can type of deal.”

The approximately 1,100-square-foot, green and gray workout room features pneumatic strength-training machines, step boxes, rubber-matted floors and a punching bag. Circuit training signs were posted sporadically throughout the room and Edwards said members can use the CD player to listen to workout routine instructions.

The gym also features key-card entry, automatically locking doors, full security system and motion-activated indoor and outdoor video cameras, Forest said.

“As a woman, I wouldn’t want to be down here and have some drunk from the Cowboy Bar walk in on me or a homeless person or something,” Forest said. “I would feel comfortable coming down here at (9 p.m.) with no worries that nobody is going to come in here that isn’t a member.”

Although men have expressed interest in becoming members, Edwards said remaining exclusive to women helps members maintain a body-positive environment.

“Some men have said they need something like that,” Edwards said. “And I understand that.”

Although neither Edwards or Forest are personal trainers, Forest is a registered nurse and both are available to help orient new members with the equipment.

“At some point in the future, we will probably have a personal trainer the members can hire to come down and help them,” Edwards said. “But right now we are focusing on building membership.”

The gym’s grand opening is slated for mid-May, but Edwards said a solid date has not been set yet.

Email Edwards or Forest at for more information about Cowgirl Fitness.

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